About Wrapped to Wear


Is a passion and hobby - born in the Texas Hill Country.  Each piece by Wrapped to Wear is hand made using genuine leather and high quality beads. Sourced both locally and globally, each wrap reflects the beauty of nature’s elements and the designer’s journey through the creative process.  Versatile enough for casual or dressy occasions, each piece is an entirely original expression of personal style that the wearer will treasure for years to come.







Some of us bead because we want to  - some of us bead because we need to.  
Many of us float back and forth between the two.
Lesa started this shop in 2010 after she and her husband sold a commercial contracting business and decided to retire.  No one thought  Lesa would actual kick back and relax - but no one expected "Wrapped to Wear" to be born either!  Out of a love for creativity, beauty, and jewelry Lesa started making Wraps.  Their popularity bloomed and so did the business.  Sister Mary Beth, niece Allie, and friend Kelly were the initial team.  Over time, many including Lora,  her daughter Jessica, and her mom Judy have joined the fun.  There is a group of 12 that should be considered "the shop" and have full time focus on the business.  However, there are many other special ladies from the local community that are on the team and help make the products as the demand increase. 
This is the real beauty of the story.... 
Wrapped to Wear was not born out of a business plan or marketing strategy.  We believe the company is a vehicle, inspired by God, that has provided for many of our team members in a time of need.  It has provided that extra opportunity for teachers, retirees, and family members to earn supplemental income to smooth out some of life's bumps.   For others it has provided a sense of community or a creative outlet.  Every bead is hand sewn by a loving heart from our North Austin community. 
As we said in the beginning - some of us bead because we want to and some of us bead because we need to.  Either way, we bead a lot!!  We produced well over 8,000 pieces a year and are still growing. 
We are so very grateful to our customers for giving us this opportunity and for taking this whimsical journey with us!




About the Owners

Lesa Gary

After 26 years working as a technical engineer in a field largely dominated by men,  Lesa  embraced her girly panache and channeled her creative energy towards a world of beauty and beads!  A labor of love, Lesa started hand making wraps in February of 2010 and hasn't stopped since.  She enjoys experimenting and creating different statements by blending colors, textures, and themes throughout her designs. She hopes the wearer enjoys them as much as she enjoys making them. When not weaving and wrapping, Lesa and her husband enjoy the retired life in the Texas hill country with traveling, hiking, dachshunds, church, and family.  






Lora Calhoun

Her eye for style, design and materials provide the foundation for Lora's love of beads, beading and wrap jewelry in particular.  Lora's three daughters, Jessica, Karli and Madison, help her focus on unique and fashion forward design influenced by global trends and the social eScene.  After 25 years in the financial industry, Lora embraces (and needs) the creative outlet of designing and making jewelry.  Indeed, she believes the blessing of this endeavor is the beauty and uniqueness of her creations and others' pleasure in wearing them. On balance, Lora spends time with Jesus, her family, exercising and traveling with her husband and best friend, Clay.